This web site has been developed as a result of investigations of protein disorder content in prokaryotes, performed by the Bioinformatics Research Group of the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade.

It was primarily intended to support research results presented in the paper Bioinformatics analysis of disordered proteins in prokaryotes (Gordana M. Pavlović-Lažetić, Nenad S. Mitić, Jovana J. Kovačević, Zoran Obradović, Saša Malkov, Miloš V. Beljanski), as an exhaustive set of additional files. But it turned into a public database of its own importance and its own life - it is going to be enlarged, extended, design-adjusted (and eventually redesigned).

We hope it will be useful for other researchers interested in protein disorder in general.


The PDD web site contains results of many analysis on protein disorder content. The most of the results are presented in forms of diagrams and tables.

The content is organized by domains: superkingdoms, phylums and organisms. For each of the domains, there are many pages with diagrams and tables. The domains, pages and some page-specific options are selectable using drop-down lists, located at the right side of the page, under the main menu, and shown in appropriate context. Each of the drop-down lists is event-driven and opens a new page immediately after a new option is selected.

In addition, there are downloadable PDF files.

Domain Selection

To find a specific result, please begin with a domain selection. Select the option "Data by Domains" from the menu at the right side of the page. Three drop-down lists will appear under the menu to allow the selection of appropriate domain.

The first drop-down list is used to select a superkingdom.

The second drop-down list is used to select a phylum. It is visible only if a domain is selected.

The third drop-down list is used to select an organism. It is visible only if a phylum or an organism is selected.

Each of the drop-down lists allows the selection of a domain that belongs to the selected wider domain. For example, if Bacteria superkingdom is selected, then phylum drop-down list contains all available phyla for Bacteria superkingdom.

Diagram Selection

When a domain is selected, a the page/diagram selection drop-down list appears under the domain selection drop-down lists. The list contains diagrams grouped by represented data.

Diagrams Parameters Selection

Some of the diagrams allow the setting of appropriate parameters. For example, many diagrams that contain regions data allows the selection of regions length. Some diagrams are parametrized by COGs of proteins or protein lengths.