Proteins by Superkingdoms

Archaea 32555815
Bacteria 17271754456

Disordered Regions

Proteins by COGs

COG GroupCOGProteins
Information storage and processing (Isp)A - RNA processing and modification175
B - Chromatin structure and dynamics300
J - Translation44551
K - Transcription45073
L - Replication, recombination and repair41197
Cellular processes (Cp)D - Cell cycle control, mitosis and meiosis6989
M - Cell wall/membrane biogenesis38437
N - Cell motility12621
O - Posttranslational modification, protein turnover, chaperones25938
T - Signal transduction mechanisms31589
U - Intracellular trafficking and secretion16231
V - Defense mechanisms10799
W - Extracellular structures58
Z - Cytoskeleton50
Metabolism (Me)C - Energy production and conversion40556
E - Amino acid transport and metabolism56105
F - Nucleotide transport and metabolism18006
G - Carbohydrate transport and metabolism39623
H - Coenzyme transport and metabolism30977
I - Lipid transport and metabolism22505
P - Inorganic ion transport and metabolism34227
Q - Secondary metabolites biosynthesis, transport and catabolism13450
Poorly characterized (Pc)R - General function prediction only76141
S - Function unknown58435
Not in cogs (N.C.)- - Not in COGs207017